„Want me to kill any of them for you?“ „No, they’re just gossiping.“ „Then wha…

📚“Want me to kill any of them for you?“

„No, they’re just gossiping.“

„Then what if I merely give them the urge to cut out their own tongues?“ he asked, flashing one of his dimples.

Evangeline stifled a giggle, though she knew she shouldn’t be amused. She had no doubt he was serious about the tongues. „Dont you dare-“

„You sure? They deserve it.“ The whole House deserves it. 
– Chapter 23

💫Rating: 5/5 stars✨️

✒️I don’t know where to begin. This book was not just better than the first, but it was one of the best books I have read this year. The chemistry between Jacks and Evangeline is so fluid and perfect that they might be one of the best book „duos.“ This book had me at the edge of my seat as I drew closer to the end, leaving me unharmoniously s h a t t e r e d. I literally sat there trying to wrap my brain around what JUST happened. I didn’t even want to acknowledge the last 50 pages because of how heartbroken I was. 

I don’t think I can even write a proper book review without spoiling anything. I absolutely loved all the components of this book but that ending left me absolutely upset. Well done, Garber. Not only did you write a beautiful sequel, you left thousands of people dying for the third installment. 

Did anyone else feel the same when they read the ending? The entire time, I kept thinking, „Communicate! You BOTH feel the same way for each other! Wait- what’s happening?? Oh no no no no no sTOP what is goING ON??!“ 

WELP😭- happy Monday, everyone!

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