To say I thought this would be a fun seasonal read and then be completely blinds…

To say I thought this would be a fun seasonal read and then be completely blindsided and crying driving home from Target is just one of the many blessings that Silvia Moreno-Garcia has as an author. (It’s the reason she’s an auto-buy author of mine)

Somehow, I hadn’t read Gods of Jade and Shadow yet (don’t ask me, I don’t know either, I read all the others!) And it ripped my heart out of my throat and left it out in my driveway, because I literally had to get the audiobook from Libby to tandem read this.

Casiopeia is a fiery girl that is ostensibly in a Cinderella situation with her grandfather. Her family treating her like complete and utterly trash. Her mother being the only saving grace here, but complicit out of necessity of the times. Until one day, Casiopeia decides she’s had enough of this provincial life and steals her grandfather’s key to open a chest in his room to free a few coins– at least she hoped it would be coins. Instead, she finds bones. Bones that happen to belong to an ancient God.

It’s got a Pandora Paradox. It has a Cinderella Fable. It has deep mythology. It has this gorgeous romantic tapestry. Uggggh I caaaant! It’s too much.

That’s 3 books in a row that just knocked it out of the park for me. Oh man. Here’s hoping for the streak to keep going.

I recommend Gods of Jade and Shadow for fans of mythology fiction, South American fiction, jazz Era fiction, magical realism fiction and fantastical realism fiction. (If you can spot the difference, the talking cats and the bookcases that move themselves is how I judge that one)

Trigger warnings aren’t spoilers – death of a parent not on page and domestic abuse.

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