The final gambit – Jennifer Lynn Barnes (book review) I’ve read The Inheritance…

🗝️The final gambit – Jennifer Lynn Barnes
(book review)

I’ve read The Inheritance Games and Hawthorne Legacy (book 1&2 of the trilogy) last year, I believe… Or was it this year? I can’t really remember and therefore was a bit ‚afraid‘ I wouldn’t understand the third book, because I forgot most of the first two. And it turned out that… I didnt understand it.

Well, lets say I understood the main part and I so so much enjoyed reading, really! I think I just didn’t get everything cause I didn’t try hard and I just let it happen – but that’s fine with me. I had the best time reading The final gambit and it’s definetly my fave out of the three.

What I loved:
– The plottwists
– The riddle parts and how creative they were
– XANDER HAWTHORNE (my fave💗 I whish we could be friends irl)
– How the love triangle was ’solved‘
– Smart people.
– Really short chapters
– The romance sub-plot

One thing I asked myself throughout the books was: How are they all related and how are there so many connections agghhh?! Their family tree must be so confusing to look at (or maybe it’s just me)
Overall, I had a nice time with the final gambit and think that it delivered the perfect ending, for this YA Mystery trilogy. I recommend!

Wishing you a lovely day/night 🙂
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