My thoughts on Eldest by Christopher Paolini! ! • I first read the Inheritance …

My thoughts on Eldest by Christopher Paolini! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨!

I first read the Inheritance Cycle when I was 11. These books played a HUGE role in developing my love of fantasy + dragons and have served as a strong motivator for me throughout my life. Eragon was a character that I always looked up to and who I often think of in moments when I need strength. This is my first time re-reading them as an adult and I love them just as much as I did when I was 11.

My favourite part of these books (and Eldest especially) is the world building. We get to visit SO MANY different locations in this book and Paolini’s writing allows me to form such clear mental images of all of them. I also LOVE Eragon and Roran’s character development. While the maturation of characters can sometimes feel a bit rushed in some series, Paolini slowly put his characters through challenge after challenge that allows us to see each step of their development. While this can slow the plot, I find that it makes the characters more authentic and relatable. This makes me alot more invested in the story.

Now, the battles. I swear, no one write battles like Paolini. They get me SO. DANG. HYPED!!!! I really feel like this is because he takes his time with them. We get to see the planning and strategy involved, FEEL the pre-battle anxiety experienced by the characters, watch the badass armour-donning and morale building that occurs before the battle starts, and then travel through the battlefield with Eragon. Add in EPIC showdowns between dragons + dragon riders (and play Novocaine by Fall Out Boy in the background) and you have yourself a receipe for a good time. 🤣

If you are a fantasy lover and have not yet read Eragon, please go read them right now!!!!! There may not be smut, explicit romance, or R rated blood/gore but it is a quality story that deserves to be read.

I will be starting Brisingr (my fav) soon! I cannot wait for the appearance of a certain sword (😏), eldunari, and more battles!

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