It starts with us review spoilers & in pics I have been waiting months for t…

It starts with us review đŸŒŒ spoilers & in pics 💛

I have been waiting months for this book to grace us and i was not disappointed coho did it again, are we even surprised at this point?

I loved it so much I read it in 2 days, I abandoned a book I was already reading because I started reading the first chapter and couldn’t stop. Dual pov between lily and atlas ‘chefs kiss’.

To me, this is the perfect ending to ‘it ends with us’ I don’t think it could of been written any better, we explore atlas and his character more, he talks about his past more and we see his feelings are still very much there for lily, you will love him just as much as the first book I know I did he is a real sweetheart/gentleman. I also love that we get a story that involved him more and his side of the family as we didn’t really know much in the first book so that was a nice little surprise & with that we get some new characters that play a important part in his story which I loved, cough @colleenhoover if you can maybe scribble up a book about theo & josh I would buy it in a heartbeat just saying đŸ„°

Seeing atlas relationship build with his little brother was so touching imo, he knew what he was going through and didn’t want him going down the same path, really well written by coho talking about topics that happen to so many peoples reality’s. I applaud her for that.

& lastly lily, she is hands down, books closed my favourite female character. Everything about her, her braveness and strength for one and the respect she still carries after everything she went through with “that” man let’s not mention ryle still don’t like him. But seeing her adapt to motherhood, divorced and meeting back up with ‘her person’ atlas just made me enjoy every single chapter, every single page written.

I could talk about this book some more but I’ve already rambled on, it was perfect, a closure to a book so many of us loved and if you didn’t that’s ok, but I think the book is so much more to a lot of people than just a romance book.

I am so glad I have this sitting on my book shelf to re read again some day. I really loved it and I hope if your reading this and read “it starts with us” you do to 💛


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