“I keep thinking, I don’t cry on the court. I don’t cry on the court. But then I…

“I keep thinking, I don’t cry on the court. I don’t cry on the court. But then I think, Maybe it’s a lie that you have to keep doing what you have always done. That you have to be able to draw a straight line from how you acted yesterday to how you’ll act tomorrow. You don’t have to be consistent. You can change, I think. Just because you want to. And so, for the first time in decades, I stand in front of a roaring crowd and cry.”

🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾/5 !!!

What an excellent read! TJR has done it again for me. I didn’t expect this is going to be a five star read since it’s all about tennis, but it is. TJR’s writing style immediately sucked me into the story. I don’t know much about tennis but the way this was written made it all seem real. I adored and enjoyed all Carrie’s matches. From her very first game, up to her last. All matches were so riveting and thrilling to read it felt like you’re almost there watching and cheering for her.
But most importantly, I loved the characters here so much. At the beginning, I disliked Carrie, she was really unlikable first, bitchy, rude and arrogant. Later on though, her character began to grow on me.

My most favorite character though is Javier. In this book, I’ve seen his unconditional love for his daughter. Carrie was really his life and the meaning of his life. His Achilles. 🥹I was close to tears towards the end of the book.

“It will never matter,” he says, “whose responsibility is what. My heart hurts when you hurt because you are my heart.” -Javier Soto

I also can’t forget about Bowe, he is also an admirable character here. I admired and respected his character and loved his softer side as well. I was so happy and rooting for him too. His relationship with Javier and Carrie made the book so much better.
Overall, I love this book and the message behind it. There’s so much heart and soul here. I highly recommend reading it. ☺️


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