Did I bring my favorite book series on vacation with me just to get a photo by t…

Did I bring my favorite book series on vacation with me just to get a photo by the state sign? Yes, yes I did.

When Dylan and I traveled from Massachusetts to Chicago in September we didn’t initially plan to make as many detours as we did, but I feel like it made our trip really special because we allowed ourselves the freedom to explore. Plus I got to see the state one of my favorite books takes place in which was really cool for me😍

One of my all time favorite series is the lux series by Jennifer l Armentrout. Kat the mc was probably one of my first true book friends/character I saw myself as which is heavily why I favored this series. The mc is an avid book lover who ran a book blog, created reading vlogs, and was sent a bunch of book mail from publishers to give reviews of arcs. At the time of this series coming out I just wasn’t aware any of this was a thing so seeing this character be able to love books and created a space to talk freely about them without judgement and create a community for herself was so amazing to see.

This series also had the hot bad boy next door with slight enemies to lovers but actually fated to be together soooo yeah definitely blueprint book for romance tropes I love😂

The lux series is five books with a prequel novella and a spin-off series that has two out so far and we are waiting for the third to come out. I recommend reading the series in publication date order just because the flow of the series makes the most sense without giving anything away.

If you haven’t read this one yet I highly highly recommend!

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