book review book – weather girl author – rachel lynn solomon rating – 4/5 wea…

book review❤️📚

book – weather girl
author – rachel lynn solomon
rating – 4/5⭐️

weather girl ari abrams and sports presenter russell barringer band together to convince their bosses who happen to be ex’s to get back together

the mental health and body positivity in this book are amazing i am obsessed with rachel lynn solomon’s way to take important social topics and include them so beautifully in her work. it makes me so happy.

never did i think i’d read a book so relatable to how i feel when it comes to depression and relationships. it honestly hit home sooo much.

also can we talk about how we had a plus size character and it was only brought up like 1 time that they thought they were fat?!? and that it didn’t take away from the attraction between the 2 main characters.

the authors note and dedication at the front of this book are beautiful❤️

workplace romances are always fun, and the parent trap vibes in this were great

i loved the weather imagery throughout this book so much

the only issue i have with this book is that the romance felt very insta lovey and it felt like it appeared from nowhere.

overall, this was a cute little romcom that deals with some heavier topics in a fun comedic setting and we love to see it.

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